Thursday, September 24, 2009

Funny Prints that make ya think

Today I was talking to Caleb about making work that was humorous but also had more elements that really beefed up the content. This post is examples of ways to make art that is funny but still provocative. I think what makes most of these pieces successful is that they have something that is a little unsettling. Sometimes a lot unsettling. But it's a way to get beyond just making a funny image. What is the narrative? What is happening in these pieces? What makes you think as well as make you laugh.
Click on links to see the rest of the artist's website.

Sean Star Wars' work is relief but is imagery is great to look at for this kind of example. They are funny and silly but also creepy and weird. When you look at his website notice how the titles add to the content.
Marcel Dzama Marcel is represented by the Richard Heller Gallery. When you click the link you will see other artists represented by that gallery that are worth looking at.

Travis Millard is someone I really love because he combines those creepy and funny elements so well. His website is great, too! These are all drawings.

Mark Hosford is amazing. These are drawings but there are great prints on his website also. He's great at really setting up an interesting narrative.

Laylah Ali works with pretty serious content that reads in her work even though her characters are usually pretty playful looking.

I've shown Michael Krueger's work here before but I'm going to show it again.
Karl Wirsum is a very well known pop artist from Chicago.
And I showed an example of Nick Alley's work in class today. His prints are funny, sad, sweet, creepy, bizarre, beautiful.... the list goes on and on. Nick has really succeeded in combining so many great elements in a print to tell an amazing story. Check out his full website. You should be able to see the prints larger on the website. Look at all the elements, detail and mark-making that is going on in Nick's prints.

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