Thursday, September 17, 2009

Art With Text

I've compiled some images of different artists who all use texts in their work just to show you guys different ways it can be done successfully.

First is Kime Buzzelli. She places text within the image in a way that can read as texture and shape from a distance. When you look closely at it she its usually a sentence that is a bit provocative and adds to the narrative of the piece.

Lisa Bulawsky uses text in different ways in her prints. The next three images are hers. What's interesting about the text she chooses is how it's not obvious text and it doesn't give away the whole piece of art work. It's just one more piece of the image puzzle.

Tracey Emin uses text in her trace monotypes. Her text can be mysterious and provocative and goes well with the image and like Bulawsky's doesn't give away too much.
John Hancock uses text as a humorous and sarcastic element. By placing it into a banner it incorporates the text in a way that works well with the image.
This etching was made by my undergrad printmaking teacher Nicole Hand. The text she chooses is meaningful because it comes from private letters but she treats the text as a background texture. She chooses to let certain words be more visible and because of that it impacts the content.
The Royal Art Lodge uses text in a humorous way that straddles the line of being obvious and clever. I think they find the right balance.

Squeak Carnwath incorporates text as a sort of collage element. She also re-uses certain phrases in different pieces making it more meaningful in her overall body of work.

I hope these examples help you guys think about how to incorporate text in your work.

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  1. I've always been a fan of John Hancock and I am so pleased to discover these other artists especially squeak carnwath and the royal art lodge.