Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Artists to Discover

Hey everybody!  I hope you guys all agree that we had a great class this morning.  I'm excited to start seeing finished prints, I think everyone is really working hard and will make some great work.  
Here are some artists for you to look at...

I mentioned before that I took two monotype/monoprint workshops this summer.  One of my teachers was Michael Krueger.  He is an artist and teacher at the University of Kansas.  The following two prints are made using pronto plates and monotyping.  Click on his name to see his full website and more bodies of work.

I also took a class with Anita Jung.  Anita teaches at The University of Iowa.  She uses many different materials and processes to make her work.  This piece is a little bit older but I think she uses monotyping processes in this particular piece.  Click on her name to see her bio at U of I and click on the gallery to see more work.
I talked to you guys about the Amazing Hancock Brothers and they are completely amazing.  Both John and Charles combine different kinds of materials and processes to make these crude, hilarious, scary, crazy, strange, bizarre, sexy prints.  They hold nothing back.  Explore their website to see what all they do.  Below is a picture of Charles with some of his work.  The next two pieces are works by John.  

We talked about artists who do hand-cut work to create a strong black and white silhouette look.  These next two pieces are works by Nikki Mcclure.  She's a Seattle based artist who makes her works with hand-cut paper.  These are good examples of exploiting both the black and white while also adding color.  This sort of process will translate well with the pronto plates.

We also talked about Kara Walker.  She uses very loaded imagery but with the silhouette can tell a story in a very subtle way.  Pay attention to the details in the works.  Those details make the image less generalized.  Sometimes it takes the viewer a few seconds to really discover everything that's happening.  That subtly makes the piece that much more powerful.  This is also a great example of using images that may seem vulgar or crude but using them in a way that goes beyond just being vulgar and crude.  This piece isn't a one-liner, it's alarming and frightening.  These are things to think about when working with these kinds of ideas.

Another artist I'd like for you to look at is Nancy Palmeri.  When I first met Nancy she was doing really amazing woodblocks but in the past several years she's been doing monotypes.  She was one of the first monotype artists who made me really appreciate the medium.  Her website isn't up and running yet so I'll update that as soon as it gets going.  I had a hard time getting images of her monotypes on this blog so I'll just direct you to a website where you can see some of her works.  Nancy teaches at University of Texas in Arlington.  She's a neat person.  Check her out!

I hope you guys enjoy these artists.  Feel free to suggest other artists you would like to see on this blog.  You can write up something for me and give me images and websites and I'll get it added!

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