Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hey Guys! I'm really really happy with the way crit went today. I look forward to finishing it up on Tuesday. This weekend I want you guys to come up with two to three sketches for your relief prints. Also, don't forget to be working on your print exchange print...

Here are some prints to get you guys excited for relief. For some reason my blogger thing is messing up and I can't see the pics in the editing section so I'll just have to tell you who is who in the order they appear. Click on their names to check out their websites. They are all really cool.

The first print is by Paul Bonelli.
The next two prints are by John Fronza.
The forth and fifth prints are by Cannonball Press. Those are the same guys that made the massive print in the shop.
The print after that is Tom Huck.
The last prints are all by Dennis Mcnett. Dennis has been very active about moving printmaking into the mainstream while also sticking to the traditional roots.

I'll see you guys Tuesday ready to go on crit and art making!

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